Why does the laser marking machine also fail to type words?

Why does the laser marking machine also fail to type words?

Why does the laser marking machine also fail to type words?

Laser marking is to use high-energy-density laser light to irradiate an important part of the workpiece, so that the surface vaporizes the material or undergoes a chemical reaction that changes color, so that a permanent marking method can be left.

Laser marking machine can be used to print various languages, symbols and patterns, and the font size can vary from millimeters to microns, which is of special significance for improving the safety of products. An ultra-thin laser beam is a tool that removes material point-by-point from a surface.

The advantage is that the marking process is non-contact, does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, and therefore does not damage the processed object. Due to the small size of the laser focus, the heat-affected zone is small, and the processing is fine. Therefore, some processes can be accomplished that cannot be achieved by traditional methods.

The failure of the portable laser marking machine to type words may be mainly due to an error in the setting of the parameter data type of the software, the wrong optical path, the power management is not plugged in properly or damaged, the control signal line is cut off, the plug is not inserted properly, and the control card is broken It is caused by factors such as broken laser, broken laser, etc. The solution to this kind of problem is as follows:

1. Since the parameter data type setting of the management software is wrong, we can first look at the different types of equipment we need to buy, if it is carbon dioxide, then set it to carbon dioxide, fiber to fiber, and so on.

2. If the power supply is unplugged or damaged: Plug in the power supply and use other equipment to check whether the power supply can operate normally; if not, it is necessary to ask the relevant professionals to repair it.

3. The reason for the cutoff of the internal control system signal: Reconnect the cutoff point

4. Reason for not plugging in: Re-insert and tighten with a set screw to prevent it from loosening again

5. Reasons for data damage to different lasers in the enterprise: re-replace the laser

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